Tips: How to Choose an Online Casino


The Casino Ivan Guide: How to Choose an Online Casino

Choosing an online casino is undoubtedly a difficult task. Online casinos are born and cease to exist almost every week. Today, gamblers can choose from more than 1,600 online casinos. Finding the right online casino for such a large amount may not be so easy. And it’s true, it’s not. When choosing an online casino, it is necessary to know the things that are not clear at first sight.

When choosing the best online casino for you, you must first make sure that the casino meets the most important features; whether it accepts the players of the country in which you live, the online casino’s reputation and the payouts of the winnings. Secondly, you can choose an online casino according to the availability of customer support in your language, the attractiveness of the casino website design or according to your game selection.

Casino Ivan will try to list the online casinos that have most of these features. Feel free to use the list of reviewed casinos to find the best online casino to play at.

1. Online casino accepts players from your country

First of all, always make sure that the online casino accepts players from your country of residence. Lately many countries formally prohibit online casinos from operating in their territory without a corresponding license. In practice, not all countries apply this prohibition to all online casinos. Moreover, not all countries have influence on casinos based on legislative gambling paradises. But many casinos prefer not to take risks and therefore do not accept players from those countries.

However you may find that an online casino will allow you to register and play, but if you win, proof of residence from your country will be required. The requirement is in the terms and conditions of the casino.

TIP: If in doubt, it is best to ask customer support via live chat before depositing money. Use the following question: “Hello, I am a player and I have the residence of (your country). I would like to know if they fully accept players from (your country). Can I register at their casino, make deposits, play, win and then also withdraw my winnings?” If the answer is yes, make a screenshot of the chat just in case and save it.

2. The online casino has a good reputation

If we make the comparison, an online casino looks like an insurance company. You will only know if you have a good insurance company after an event and if it will compensate you for the damages caused fairly. In case of online casino it is almost the same, you will only know if it is good or not, after you win a large amount and the casino easily pays your money. There are many documented cases in which online casinos have directly deceived gamblers.

The most common deceptive practices used by online casinos are:

The casino justifies the victory as a software error and will not accept the player’s right to receive it.
The casino tries to force the player who accepts a compensation of 10-20% of the original win.
The casino sets a payment condition for the player to continue playing more on its site.
The casino introduces very low withdrawal limits which prevent the withdrawal time from a longer win.
The casino, for no reason, delays withdrawals (for weeks or even months). The casino repeats over and over again the verification of the player’s identity document.
The casino justifies not paying legitimate winnings in other ways.
The casino offers unlicensed manipulated games with a much lower payout rate. Games are often an exact copy of favorite games made by honest game developers, basically indistinguishable from the original.
The casino often also uses a bonus abuse clause. The casino accuses a player, who converts a bonus into real money, as an abuser and cancels all the money in the bonus.
Knowing all these practices, it is necessary to check the reputation of an online casino before depositing the money. The Casino Ivan team does this for you; we regularly check the reputation of all the online casinos on our list. If we learn that any online casino practices fraudulent methods and acts unethically, we remove it immediately.

TIP: It’s important to note that a new online casino can also cheat, although you don’t have any complaints yet. You have to be careful and wait some time for the first players to report a negative experience, and it is quite possible that you will be the first to complain. However, despite their honest behavior, there are also at least some complaints about large online casinos with a large number of players.

3. The respected regulator

Every player should know that an online casino is officially operated from some country (or territory with a special statute – jurisdiction). If an online casino wants to operate in a specific country, this country must have a friendly legislation towards online gambling. That is, the state must issue its own licenses for casinos, regulate and tax online gambling of its own citizens, for example as United Kingdom, Belgium, Romania, etc.. Also territories with a special status – jurisdictions such as Malta, Curaçao, Gibraltar, and others that want to allow international casinos to do business.

In case, if an online casino refuses to pay you your legitimate winnings, the only possibility is to resort to the regulator that issued the license to this casino. This shows how important it is to choose an online casino based on who issued the license. A good and serious regulator is always on the side of fair and honest play. Your duty is to investigate every official complaint. In case of serious infringement by an online casino, this regulator can agree to revoke your license.

To facilitate the investigation, some regulators from Costa Rica, Panama, Anjouan, Seychelles provide the player with a contact form to file a formal complaint.

Other regulators offer the possibility of going to court. But to be honest, the ruling will have little legal effect. Here we can include the regulators of Curaçao and Gibraltar.

However, on the other hand, there are highly respected licensing regulators such as Malta, Alderney and the Isle of Man. In the event of a conflict with the casino licensed by these authorities, it is very likely that your chance of winning the case is quite high.

4. Reasonable Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

At this point we turn once again to a comparison of online casinos with insurance companies. Imagine that your insurance company annually collects less money than the value of your home. Would you insure your home with this company? I don’t think so. In the event of a total loss, the insurance company would not have enough money to pay you and you would have to sue. As a consequence, you would send her into bankruptcy, and you won’t see your money anyway.

With online casinos it’s similar. If you win a big jackpot in a small casino, it will cause a big problem with your cash flow. And as a result, the casino’s strong motivation to act dishonestly. If the online casino is not “strong”, it will face insolvency. In this case it’s no longer about honesty or dishonesty, but simply that he doesn’t have enough money to pay you.

We give as an example some slot machines that have such a high variation that you can win up to 5000 times your bet in a single spin. That is, betting €50 you would win €250,000. In order not to lose players, many online casinos do not like to put limits on betting. However, the most transparent casinos set a maximum limit for withdrawals. The less responsible casinos don’t care about this, and just pray that no one wins such a large amount.

In order not to have this “calvary”, before starting to play, try to analyze the financial soundness of the chosen online casino. Make sure that the casino can pay even if there is a maximum profit. Also, check the withdrawal limits. Imagine how many years the casino would have to pay you your €250,000 prize, receiving €3,000 a month – it would take 7 years. More likely the casino will declare bankruptcy, and won’t pay you the rest of your money.

Many online gamblers wonder if online casinos will pay them a big win. The payment conditions at progressive slots gambling providers are specified in the contract with the particular online casino.

The large accumulative jackpots in slots, as a general rule, are formed by the Wide Area system, where each progressive jackpot slot works for a common money box, which is responsible for an independent provider. Famous and respected gaming providers only offer licensed slots. And in this case there is usually no problem with payments.

Sometimes there are schemes in which 90% of the winnings are paid by the gaming software provider and 10% by the online casino operator. But even in this case there should be no fears.

TIP: To make your life easier, we at Casinos Fortune also estimate the financial strength of each online casino review. We show withdrawal limits and also try to estimate the amount of winnings that we believe will not be problematic for an online casino.

5. The casino offers your favorite games

If you like a specific game, you will most likely look for the online casinos that have exactly that game. Our list of casinos will certainly help you find a casino that offers games from your favorite game provider.

Player preferences vary. Some like table games such as blackjack, poker or roulette. If you like these types of games, you will certainly like it if an online casino will have different variants and types of blackjack or roulette.

If classic roulette is not enough for you, some casinos like to experiment with new roulette variants. As an example of roulette that is played with two balls and a chance to win the jackpot. They can be found at MYB Casino, which is also on our list.

If you prefer to play with a live croupier, which are becoming more and more popular, our list will help you once again.

Another category of games are slot machines. The difference between casinos lies in the number of video slots they offer. If you like video slot machines better, check if a selected casino offers enough games to choose from. If you like classic slots like Sizzling Hot Deluxe or Book of Ra, or if you want to play the Mega Moolah progressive slot, you’ll be delighted to find your favorite game in a list of games.

TIP: If you don’t currently have any favorite games, you can try many free casino games on our website. For each game, we list all the casinos that should offer it.

6. The online casino speaks in your language

Many online casinos try to translate their site into as many languages as possible. If a casino focuses on a specific country, it often provides customer support directly in that country’s language. In case you don’t speak English, this factor will be a big advantage for you.

A website that has translated the terms and conditions will make it easier to understand the rules of an online casino. To answer potential questions or resolve small disputes, you won’t have to ask your English-speaking friend for help.

7. Quick and helpful customer service

While visiting an online casino, you often need to check for ambiguities about bonuses, terms and conditions, or the operation of the site.

In the case of customer service, the following applies: the faster, the better. Ideally, customer service should include a live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a friendly and helpful person on the other side. The opposite is an email address, where you can send your questions and complaints, and then wait 3 days to receive an answer; or a phone number that you cannot access.

8. Attractive and convenient bonuses

Every online casino tries to attract more players with promotions in the form of different bonuses. The correct use of bonuses can significantly help a player to reduce the costs of his hobby. Some players even focus solely on the abuse of bonuses to achieve a long-term benefit.

If you are an online casino player, it is good to find sense in bonuses and their requirements, even if taking advantage of bonuses is not your goal. While with some bonuses it is always beneficial to accept them, others have conditions so unfavorable that it simply isn’t worth it. An example is a deposit bonus, where the wagering requirements apply to a deposit and a bonus amount together. With high wagering requirements, this bonus will unnecessarily limit you in your wagering and also in not being able to withdraw your winnings until you meet the established wagering requirements.

TIP: To avoid displeasure later on, read carefully the terms and conditions of each bonus offer, bird in hand is better than bird in flight.

9. Website easy to navigate and with nice design

An online casino website creates that famous first impression of the casino, but it also influences how much you will enjoy playing in it. Of course, you can also play at an online casino with an opaque and malfunctioning website, but it’s not that nice.

The general rule is: big casinos generally have very developed websites. The web design of an online casino can become a place of competitive struggle between online casinos. For example, the 1xBit casino on our list prides itself on its modern look, which is also easy to navigate, even on a smaller screen.

Worse looking websites may suggest a low budget, a newly opened online casino, or an incompetent team of technicians. But certainly don’t make a definitive opinion about an online casino from your impression of its website, it can be wrong.

10. Casino games support for mobile devices

The modernity of today’s information age has made online players want to play not only on a computer, but also on their mobile phones or tablets. Why sit in front of the computer, when you can sit comfortably in an armchair, or take your games with you wherever you go?

Therefore, it is natural that the availability of mobile games is becoming a new quality standard in the world of online casinos. We also help you make sure that your selected casino is not left behind in supporting mobile casino games. For each of the casinos on our list, we also offer information on their mobile user friendliness.

11. Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

When choosing an online casino, it is certainly useful to consider your deposit and withdrawal options. Not insignificant are the charges for debit card payment, but also the time you will have to wait to withdraw your earned money. In case of transfer to a bank account, it can take up to 7 days.

Many players find it useful to use payment and withdrawal methods such as Skrill or Neteller, or even prepaid cards such as Paysafecard. Less common options are making deposits through a mobile operator. Not all online casinos offer these deposit options. Therefore, in our reviews of online casinos, we don’t forget to mention the payment options for each online casino.

TIP: An online casino generally verifies the player’s identity before their first withdrawal. Therefore, have a scanned ID and a document that is no more than 3 months old that proves your place of residence (bank statement, utility bill, or telephone bill). It is ideal to verify what specific documents the online casino requires to verify your identity, and send these documents as soon as possible, before depositing money.


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Spartan Slots is an online casino that has slot machinesand casino games powered by Pragmatic Play, Top Game, Rival, Pariplay, Betsoft. Available in download and instant play format, Spartan Slots Casino accepts a wide range of payment methods – including Bitcoin.


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A newer site, launched in 2017, Cherry Jackpot Casino welcomes players from all over the world, including the United States. Cherry Jackpot is an online casino that offers a wide variety of games that can be played either through your laptop/desktop computer or from your mobile device.


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24K Casino is a new online casino, which was opened at the end of 2018. The first impressions of 24K casinos are very good. The clean, attractive design and adaptation to mobile devices ensure convenient and fast browsing of web pages of online casinos.


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Bitcoin casino 1xBit stands out among online sports bookmakers. Why? Because they provide the full range of services that the advanced betting platform can offer, combined with all the advantages of bitcoin crypto currency: fast and low cost transactions, anonymity and portfolio security.


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CampeonBet Casino started in 2017, the name CampeonBet is derived from the Spanish word Campeon, which means champion. The Latin American casino is licensed and its operations are regulated by the Curacao E-gaming commission.


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In 2016, Bet Rebels Casino launched and was the very first casino offering to come from Rebels Gaming Limited. Not only do Bet Rebels offer an obscene amount of games, but you will also find sports betting, in-play betting, virtual sports and live casino games – all of which can be accessed with one username and password.


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Established in 2011, Bovada Casino is an instant-play, online casino which is owned and operated by Morris Mohawk Gaming Group Casinos. Bovada Casino is home to more than just online casino games, because one login will allow players access to a wider catalogue of products – from live dealer games to sports betting.


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Bgo Casino is a completely instant-play online casino, that has been delivering a huge selection of games, since 2012. Owned and operated by BGO Entertainment Limited, Bgo Casino is one of two casinos owned by this company. A total of ten software providers can be found at Bgo Casino, including the very best life-changing jackpot games.


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PlayAmo Casino is a combination of traditional online casino and bitcoin casino. This means that not only does it accept cryptomoneda Bitcoin, but some of the games are specific and only work with BTC instead of euros or other conventional currencies.

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