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Responsible gaming

Responsible game

The Casino Ivan is doing its best to help and protect players from the possible negative consequences of their passion for games. Although we are not an online casino gaming operator, we strongly recommend the use of tools such as self-exclusion, advice and information on responsible gaming and risk assessment procedures.

We do our best to protect users who should not play at all, as well as those who wish to limit their playing time.

A responsible game consists of rational and reasonable choices of game options that take into account the situation and personal circumstances of the player, preventing the game from becoming a problem. Responsible gaming implies an informed and educated decision on the part of consumers for the sole purpose of entertainment, distraction, and in which the value of the game never exceeds what a person can afford. Responsible play is recreational and recreational activities and should never affect social, professional or family obligations.

An underage user

Every minor user must leave our site immediately, as well as any other online casino site, so people under 18 are not allowed to participate in the game. In the case of providing false information about your age, a minor user may be involved in
of criminal responsibility.

Our information is intended solely for adults. Involvement of minors in the game is contrary to the principles of the Ivan Casino website, as well as the personal beliefs of the company’s employees.

How can a player protect himself and his family?

    • Protect your computer carefully. In Windows, you can set a password to access your computer. This is recommended anyway, but it is especially important if you have children or teenagers in your family. You also need to keep your username and password confidential.
    • If you have children or teenagers in your family, install special software to restrict their access to certain websites, prohibit file sharing, and even fully control your children’s access to the Internet. Here are some of these programs:
  • Take care of your children. Sometimes it is enough just to show attention. If you notice that children are discussing online games and transactions related to gaming websites, be sure to ask them about it. If your child has an online casino client software installed on their computer, uninstall it and ask their child even more. Parental care is the most effective way to protect minors from playing games.here You will find a few tips on how best to talk to your child about playing games.

Self evaluation

If you think that the game is no longer fun and makes your life difficult, we will do our best to help you. Think about the following questions first:

    1. Have you ever spent your working (or study) time on a game?


  • Maybe you have ever sold property or borrowed money to pay for the game?
  • How often do you lose?
  • Do you play longer than you plan?
  • Have you ever thought about killing yourself because of a game?


If you answered “Yes” to some of these questions, we strongly recommend that you contact Gamblers Anonymous.

You can take the full test on one of the following websites:



If you are using a Windows or Mac computer and want to set up a self-exclusion program, download gamban® to help you block access to all online games.

You can also use the GamBlock, which allows you to restrict access to gaming websites from your computer.

How to be a responsible player

Responsible player:

The responsible player plays to have fun and have fun, not to make money. He knows that if he is lucky he can win, but he can also lose everything. Playing responsibly means making decisions based on facts, controlling the time and money you want to spend. By playing responsibly, you make the game enjoyable, interesting, without risking harm to yourself, your family and/or friends.

How to play responsibly:

  • Play for fun, not money.
  • Do not pursue or attempt to recover the loss.
  • Play for fun, enjoy the victory, but don’t forget that you can also lose everything.
  • Don’t borrow money to play.
  • Play only for the money you choose to use for this pleasure. Never use money that you normally use for your fixed costs, such as food, transportation, etc.
  • In times of emotional crisis, self-control decreases: avoid playing at this time.
  • Don’t let the game affect your relationship with family and friends.
  • Set the time and money limit for the game.
  • The only game is a game for fun.

If you need advice on how to remain a responsible player, or help in limiting the desire to play, we strongly recommend that you visit the following sites:

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